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Blind Pimple: Exception of Pimple Patch? I Don’t Think So.

Blind Pimple: Exception of Pimple Patch? I Don’t Think So.


If you've been grappling with a blind pimple, feeling uncertain about what steps to take or which products to use, and finding that even after trying various approaches, nothing seems to be effective – not even the most renowned brand of acne pimple patch you've come across – this blog is for you! As someone who has experienced the frustration of having blind pimples, even worse on the night before a big event, I understand how much you wish those pimples could magically vanish overnight.

Helpless Hydrocolloid

I also understand how hopeless that wish feels like even when you have already patched them with acne patches because you have seen from everywhere that hydrocolloid acne patches are not going to help, and that saying is in fact not wrong. With the absorbent nature of hydrocolloid acne patch, it is proven by a considerable number of users to have flatten so many types of acne, however, not the blind one. This is because in order for hydrocolloid to be able to absorb oil and/or moisture from your skin, it requires a skin opening that blind pimple obviously does not have.

Given its flat surface area, hydrocolloid acne patch has no penetration efficiency. Therefore, it is impossible to reach into your skin layer and absorb excess fluid, not to mention that hydrocolloid acne patch has no acne-fighting property in the beginning. However, just because hydrocolloid acne patch cannot deal with blind pimples, does not mean other pimple patches cannot too.

Innovative Pimple Patch, Curing Blind Pimple with No Miracles but Pure Science

Seeking a resolution, Tarel Laboratory invented innovative acne patches to specifically solve this skin problem.

Integrating unique formulas and our own patented Detachable Vector Technology, Tarel Laboratory comes up with Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch, which is able to cure all types of pimples, including the blind one. Vectors on our patch are loaded with active acne-fighting ingredients ready to strive and correct the spots.

How Does it Work on Blind Pimple?

Its mechanism is straightforward. Apply Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch on the targeted pimple, gently massage it with the provided Water Detaching Patch for 1 minute, and you are good to go! The essentials-loaded vectors will detach from the patch and attach to your skin and gradually dissolve into the area.

Because the patch only requires 1 minute application time, it does not put patching stress and create an opening on your skin for too long. As soon as you remove the patch, your skin automatically reseals, avoiding the chance of scarring and further inflammation.

Not So Secret Potions in Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch

Now, let's delve into the ingredients encapsulated within Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch.

Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch is loaded with essential acne-fighting elements. One of which is Mangosteen peel extract. The extract has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fibrosis (scarring) properties. All that is required for correcting acne. Our dedicated research team invested years in meticulously crafting this formula, ensuring the precise proportions for optimal efficiency. The decision to exclusively use local mangosteen from Thailand in the Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch is rooted in our commitment to providing a safe product suitable for all skin types as well as to cherish community and sustainability.

Our Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch is not only gentle on all skin types but is also designed for daily use.

If you're eager to kindle hope and witness the magically quick disappearance of your blind pimples, check Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch out and place an order to experience the miracle for yourself!

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