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Pimple Patch Removal: The Art of Emotional Satisfaction Backing the Pimple Patch Success

Pimple Patch Removal: The Art of Emotional Satisfaction Backing the Pimple Patch Success


Do you ever enjoy watching viral pimple patch removal TikTok videos? If yes, you are not alone. One time, I caught myself spending an hour scrolling over those videos, which were supposed to be gross, with so much fun. I was amazed by how satisfied I was as I was watching white gunk being pulled out of someone’s face and was even more mesmerized when looked at the number of likes and comments to see that so many people enjoyed these, somewhat, disgusting videos just like me. I instantly felt the urge to understand this paradoxical phenomenon better, so I went straight up to Google, and here is what I found.

Back before the rise of pimple patches, there was a similar phenomenon, leaving remnants until today, where people really loved watching acne extraction or pimple popping videos.  Isn’t it crazy how viral pimple popping videos on YouTube have over ten million views? Luckily, I was not the only one curious about this. Many dermatologists have stepped up to analyze this social media phenomenon associated with grossly satisfaction, and I think the satisfaction behind pimple patch removal is underlined by the same foundation. Therefore, let’s get to the gist of this.

The Attractive Grotesque and Hormone Secretion

According to dermatologists, picking, popping, or using pimple patches can result in dopamine secretion. Dopamine is also known as a happy hormone. No wonder it plays such a crucial role in one’s sensation. The same scenario possibly applies when watching videos associated with those actions, like videos featuring pimple patch removal.

Acne, as it causes physical and/or mental irritation and discomfort, is considered a difficulty, contributing to one’s stress. Therefore, witnessing pimple patch removal, believing the white gel-like substance pulled out to be acne gunk, is like seeing a conflict being resolved, resulting in a sense of relief and satisfaction. This explains why the grotesqueness shown as pimple patch is removed arouses satisfaction rather than disgust as it is supposed to.

In a paradoxical twist, the grotesqueness of the removal not only triggers the release of the happy hormone but may also, surprisingly, contribute to the skyrocketing sales of pimple patches.

Grossness as a Big Step to Success

Unlike popping pimples which is discouraged, the downsides of using pimple patch are not really established on social media. That is why watching pimple popping videos and pimple patch removal videos lead to different consumer behavior.

People watch pimple popping videos to fulfill the satisfaction they could not in real life while people watch pimple patch removal videos to envision the satisfaction they can feel if purchase pimple patches.

Not having adequate insight on the pimple patch’s potential negative effects, a considerable amount of people purchases pimple patches after pimple patch removal videos. If you are one of those people, like me in the past, let me tell you something that might make you reconsider purchasing them.


Unveiling the Secret Source of Satisfaction of Pimple Patch Removal

Do you know what’s the biggest myth about pimple patches? The answer is that ‘there is only one type of pimple patches.’

When people hear the word ‘Pimple Patch’, they automatically envision tiny little translucent adhesive patches which pull out white gunk from the face with them when removed. However, that is just a type of pimple patch: a hydrocolloid pimple patch.

As suggested by its name, the primary ingredient of hydrocolloid pimple patch is hydrocolloid. So, let’s get to know it better.

At its essence, Hydrocolloid is a dressing that retains moisture and adheres to the skin independently. It contains gel-forming elements such as gelatin, pectin, and carboxymethyl-cellulose. Its notable characteristic is its absorbent nature, capable of pulling in fluid and moisture from the targeted area and converting it into a gel-like substance. Serving as a protective barrier, it repels external germs and bacteria, establishing a damp environment favorable for the healing of wounds.

Did you notice something? Hydrocolloid does not have an acne-fighting property. It only has a property of pulling fluid and moisture, thus includes but not limited to acne gunk. Therefore, the white disgusting substance pulled out with the pimple patch, creating satisfaction, is not necessarily the acne gunk like people believe. If the white gel-like substance is your factor of purchase, thinking it is acne gunk, it is time to reconsider it.

While hydrocolloid pimple patches do have benefits like preventing further acne infection by preventing people from touching the acne, let’s also look into the not so commonly told downsides of hydrocolloid pimple patch, so we can make a more informed decision next time.

Extended Duration of Use: Using hydrocolloid patches for an extended 6-8 hours or overnight may lead to adverse effects such as skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and an increased risk of bacterial growth.

Bacterial Dynamics: Paradoxically, while preventing external bacteria, these patches can foster the growth of Cutibacterium acne bacteria within existing acne, especially when worn for an extended period. This creates a confined environment conducive to bacterial growth, potentially leading to additional infection and recurrence.

Absorption Dilemma: The absorption property that helps flatten acne can also result in skin dryness as excessive moisture is absorbed from the skin.

Surface-Level Alleviation: While hydrocolloid patches provide surface-level relief by reducing the prominence of raised acne spots, they fall short in addressing the underlying causes of acne. This leaves bacteria and root issues unaddressed, opening the door for potential acne recurrence in the future.

So, there you have it, the wild ride through the realm of pimple patch removal – from the oddly gratifying TikTok binges to the unforeseen triumph of pimple patches. And who knew there was more than one type of these magical patches? The hydrocolloid variety, while pulling off some impressive stunts, might not be the superhero against acne we once thought. The next time you're lured by the temptation of that oddly satisfying white goo, maybe hit the pause button. Ponder over the potential pitfalls of extended use, the quirky bacterial dynamics, and the absorbing dilemma. Skincare is a journey, not a sprint. Here's to achieving clearer skin and making more informed choices! Cheers!

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