How to use TAREL Natural Acne gel?

We recommend the use of TAREL Natural Acne Gel at the very start of acne formation, as early as possible. When you feel a slight tingling on the skin, which indicates that acne is developing, put a generous amount of TAREL Natural Acne Gel on the spot immediately. Also, put the gel on again overnight. If you can do this in time, acne will disappear (no development of acne). The next morning, you should wake up with no trace of acne. This method works well with all types of acne, including hormonal acne, which is hard to cure. The key point is to put on the gel as early as possible. This is why TAREL encourages you to have one in your purse! At work or at school, if you feel the coming up of acne, put TAREL Natural Acne Gel on the spot without the need to remove your makeup. Then when you get home, wash your face and put TAREL Natural Acne Gel generously on your face. Do this again before going to bed.

However, if acne has already broken out, you can also put TAREL Natural Acne Gel on the acne spot. You can do this on small acne. For acne with big comedones, we recommend you seek a professional to take out the comedone before putting on TAREL Natural Acne Gel. For acne with small comedones, putting on TAREL Natural Acne gel every morning and night will cause a change in skin biochemistry. The existing comedone will come out as a tiny ball (usually after 7–14 days). If you easily develop comedone, we recommend continued use of Tarel Acne Prevention Serum after your acne is cured by Tarel Natural Acne Gel. Or if you have dry skin, we recommend continued use of Tarel Calming Night cream.

TAREL Natural Acne Gel should be used generously at night. It is best to use the gel alone without any other products on the acne spot. In the morning, we recommend using TAREL Natural Acne gel thinly before other products 

In the morning, you may find the yellowish residue of the gel on the acne spot. You do not need to rub off the yellow spot,just put on a thin layer of the gel on top of the existing yellow spot. You can also wash it off if the yellowish spot is too obvious.

Be very careful about using makeup if you have acne! Many foundations and cosmetic formulations may affect the ventilation of the sebaceous gland through the hair follicle. If you really must use concealer or foundation, we recommend mixing half of TAREL Natural Acne gel with your favorite concealer or foundation prior to use.

Is it safe to use TAREL Natural Acne gel every day? And How often can I use the gel? 

Yes, it is very safe to use TAREL Natural Acne Gel daily, and you can use the gel as many times as you want each day. This is because TAREL natural acne gel contains neither steroids nor vitamin A derivatives. The gel also contains no dangerous antibiotics (those require a doctor’s prescription, such as clindamycin). The anti-acne action from TAREL Naural Acne gel is exerted by the extracts of four edible plants: mangosteen, Oolong tea, thyme, and oregano. Nevertheless, if you have already cleared acne out, TAREL also has more wallet-friendly products to be used daily: TAREL Acne Prevention serum and TAREL Calming Night Cream.

How does TAREL Natural Acne gel cure my acne? 

TAREL Natural Acne Gel uses four natural plant extracts that contain various natural bioactive molecules to act on acne treatment in various mechanisms, including inflammation reduction, acne bacteria eradication, promoting the body’s own immunity and balancing the action of the sebaceous glands. TAREL Natural Acne Gel uses Targeted Release Technology, which is a biocompatible carrier designed to 1) protect the plant extracts from reacting with other species such as oxygen and thus prevent them from degradation, 2) send the plant extracts to the sebaceous gland and then release the extracts from the glands. Therefore, the bioactive extracts can exert their action in curing acne at its cause. The carrier helps protect bioactive molecules from degradation when the products are sitting on a shelf. During use, the carrier sends bioactive molecules to the sebaceous gland to perform the acne curing function.

Why Targeted Release Technology from TAREL is effective for curing acne?

There are two problems associated with the use of natural plant extracts. Both of them are natural facts. 

  1. Natural plant extracts that we use in food and cosmetic products are mostly secondary metabolites. Secondary metabolites are compounds produced by plants but are not critically vital to the plants, i.e., a lack of these compounds will not cause immediate death to them. Usually, plants produce secondary metabolites in response to their environmental threats, such as to repel some animals or pathogens, to protect their photosynthetic parts from UV radiation, to attract some buck, etc. These secondary metabolites, thus, are not made to stay forever in the plants; plants will synthesize them again when in need. As a result, most of the secondary metabolites are not chemically inert, meaning that they can easily be changed into other compounds. Usually, many of them are quite reactive as the compounds are needed to react with plants’ enemies. Therefore, after we extract these compounds from plants, many of them can degrade.   
  2. When we administer drugs or any health products to our bodies to correct any malfunctions, efforts must be made to send these molecules to the targeted sites.

TAREL Targeted Release Technology can solve these two problems. TAREL biocompatible carriers are designed to not only protect the plant extracts from reacting with other species such as oxygen and thus prevent them from degradation, but also send the plant extracts to the sebaceous gland. Once reaching the sebaceous gland rich with serum, the extracts are released. 

What special about natural plant extracts used in TAREL products? 

Plant extracts usually contain various compounds, and not all of them are bioactive and beneficial. It is impossible to know the contents of bioactive molecules in each plant extract since the extract usually comes as a powdered material. TAREL not only possesses more than 15 years of experience in the natural extract industry and thus can always get to the best authentic sources of the extracts, but also collaborates with the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, in the analysis of each extract. As a result, all the extracts used by TAREL contain an extremely high content of bioactive molecules, which translates into good efficacy in acne treatment.

Will my acne become resistant to TAREL Natural Acne gel? 

No, TAREL Natural Acne Gel will not cause any acne-resistant bacteria, so you will always experience the effectiveness of the gel. Resistive acne is usually caused by the development of acne bacteria resistant to antibiotic drugs. One of the most well-documented antibiotics that cause resistant acne bacteria is clindamycin. According to studies conducted worldwide, more than 90% of people who used clindamycin developed acne resistant bacteria. Various natural bioactive molecules from four different plant extracts in TAREL Natural Acne Gel exert their action in acne treatment with different mechanisms, including reducing inflammation, eradicating acne bacteria, promoting the body’s own immunity, and balancing the action of the sebaceous gland. This is why you will never develop acne resistance to TAREL Natural Acne Gel.

Will TAREL Natural Acne gel cause any side effect? 

No for more than 99% of people as conducted by Tarel-Lab testing.

TAREL Natural Acne Gel contains no benzoyl peroxide, no alpha hydroxyl acid (peeling agent), no vitamin A derivative, no restricted synthetic antibiotic, and no silicone.

Why TAREL Natural Acne gel is more expensive comparing to other products in the market? 

We use high-quality raw materials at effective concentrations. We also perform tests on our plant extracts to make sure that they are according to our quality standards. The cost of plant extracts that we use is more than 100 times the cost of salicylic acid added to conventional acne treatment products. These raise the cost of TAREL Natural Acne Gel over that of other products.

The use of Targeted Release Technology in TAREL Natural Acne Gel also contributes to our higher cost.

Why mangosteen, Oolong tea, Oregano and Thyme extracts? 

The combination of mangosteen, Oolong tea, oregano, and thyme extracts at the perfect ratio was obtained after years of screening for the best combination and the best ratio of natural plant extracts to cure acne with no irritation.

Can I use TAREL natural Acne gel with other products? 

Yes, you can use TAREL Natural Acne Gel with other makeup or other cosmetic products. However, do not use TAREL Natural Acne Gel with other acne treatment products. It is extremely hard to find an acne treatment product with no peeling agent, no vitamin A derivative, or no benzoyl peroxide. 

Plant extracts in Tarel Natural Acne Gel can be destroyed by the following :

  • Free radicals generated by benzoylperoxide (the active ingredient in many other acne treatment products) can react with plant extracts in TAREL Natural Acne gel, making the gel less effective.
  • Skin peeling is usually induced by alpha-hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid. The activation of skin peeling contradicts with the mechanism of Tarel Natural Acne Gel in trying to bring back balance to sebaceous gland activity and skin microbiome.
  • Vitamin A derivatives can induce skin irritation and cause some inflammation in many people. This will be against Tarel Natural Acne Gel’s mission to first reduce inflammation and infection before boosting the normal immunity of the skin and bringing balance to the sebaceous gland.

In conclusion, we do not recommend the use of Tarel Natural Acne Gel with other acne treatment products. It is recommended to withdraw the use of other acne treatment products for at least 2 weeks prior to the use of Tarel Natural Acne gel for maximum efficiency right from the start.