Product Guide

Tarel Natural Acne Gel

Size: 5 g

Price: 189 Baht

Functions: Use for Acne treatment
1) Stop inflammation and infection in the sebaceous gland area
2) Increase local immunity
3) Bring balance back to the sebaceous glands

How to use:

1) Put on the skin that starts to show signs of acne development (cure before break out).
2) Apply it to small acne as many times as you like. Put it on generously before going to bed.
3) For acne with big comedones, put it on after comedone removal (by a professional).
4) In the morning, use it thinly before other products.
5) If makeup is needed, mix TAREL Natural Acne Gel with your favorite foundation at a 1:1 ratio.

Dispatch date: on the market

Tarel Acne Sensitive Cleanser

Size: 100 g

Price: 199 Baht

Functions: Use for cleaning the face for all skin types
1) Clean skin without disrupting skin natural charge balance and without disrupting skin natural moisture
2) No harsh surfactant
3) Amino acid derivative surfactants

How to use:

1) Use for cleaning the face twice every evening. Use for washing your face one time every morning. Always lather your face quickly in a gentle manner with a lot of water. Never massage your face with any cleansers for a long time.
2) If use makeup, use make-up remover prior to washing with TAREL Sensitive Cleanser with water.

Dispatch date: June 2019

Tarel Calming Night cream

Size: 50 g and 100 g

Price: 350 and 600 baht

Functions: Use as a routine night cream for all skin types, to reduce the chance of acne formation and restore the skin optimal function
1) Desensitize and calm skin irritation
2) Balancing sebaceous gland activity
3) Restore the kin moisture balance
4) Reverse skin damage from exposure to sunlight and pollutions

How to use: Put on clean face at night time. If use with TAREL Natural Acne gel, leave out the spots that have Tarel Natural Acne gel

Dispatch date: September 2019\

Tarel Acne Prevention Serum

Size: 50 g

Price: 400 Baht

Functions: Use as a serum on clean face morning and night to reduce the chance of acne formation and revere skin damages caused by sunlight and pollutions, for all skin type
1) Increase skin immunity
2) Restore the balance of sebaceous glands
3) Restore skin damage from exposure to sunlight and pollutions

How to use:

Daytime: Put on a clean face before your favorite day cream or sunblock

Night time: Put on a clean face before going to bed

If use with Tarel Natural Acne gel put the serum on before applying the gel

Dispatch date: September 2019