Tarel Natural Acne Gel



TAREL Natural Acne gel contains four natural plant extracts at optimal concentrations. Each extract contains various natural bioactive molecules. These diverse bioactive molecules cure acne via different mechanisms including reducing inflammation, eradicating acne bacteria, promoting body own immunity, balancing the action of the sebaceous glands and inhibiting hyperpigmentation. TAREL Natural Acne gel uses Targeted Release Technology to  1) protect the plant extracts from reacting with other species such as oxygen so that the extracted molecules will not degrade quickly,  2) send the plant extracts to the sebaceous gland so that the bioactive extracts can cure acne effectively at the right location. The biocompatible carriers in the Targeted Release Technology also prevent bioactive molecules from degradation during product storage. During use, the carriers send bioactive molecules to the sebaceous gland to perform the acne curing function.