Tarel Acne Sensitive Cleanser

Facial cleansing gel that cleans without penetrating skin barrier.

WATCH Skin Barrier Protection Technology

WATCH Tarel Acne Sensitive Cleanser



Experience the cleaning without dryness through “TAREL’s Skin Barrier Protection Technology”

Great for sensitive skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, children skin, and elderly who has dry skin problem

1) Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser does not contain any small-highly charged surfactants such as sulfate surfactants and sodium or potassium salt of fatty acids. Those small-highly charged surfactants usually have high cleansing ability, so high that they can penetrate skin barrier and remove essential lipids from the skin barriers. Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser uses amino acid derivative surfactants which are very biocompatible and has good cleansing ability without penetrating skin barrier. Tarel Laboratory has developed the extreme slippery formulation that can slip away dirt. You can feel this novel slippery cleanser right away in the first use.

2) Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser is pH balanced. The pH of our gel matches that of the natural skin.

3) Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser cleans skin without changing the natural slight negative charge on the skin. Good charge balance on skin helps strength the skin barrier. The net slight negative charge of our gel matches that of the natural skin.

4) Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser contains three plant extracts, thyme, oregano, and Oolong tea (caffeine free) extracts at optimal concentrations to protect skin against harmful bacteria. They also help maintaining natural microbiome of the skin. You can feel the natural aroma of these extracts in Tarel’s perfume-free cleansing gel.