How to use TAREL Natural Acne gel to cure acne?

1) Stop acne treatment products containing irritable ingredient such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoic acid, clindamycin, for at least 1 week prior to the use of Tarel Natural Acne Gel.

2) Put Tarel Natural Acne Gel generously on acne spots at night, and as the first layer during daytime. No need to rub off the yellow spot of the Tarel Natural Acne gel from last night, just put on a thin layer of the gel on top of the existing yellow spot.

3) Apply Tarel Natural Acne gel as serum day and night on area that is prone for acne.

4) Wash your face with Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser.

5) After your face is clear of acne, use Tarel Natural Acne gel as serum during stress period.

How to use TAREL Natural Acne gel to prevent acne?

Tarel Laboratory recommends using TAREL Natural Acne gel at the very start of the acne formation, as early as possible. When you feel a slight tingling in the skin (the warning sign of acne development) put TAREL Natural Acne gel on the spot immediately. You can put it on over makeup. Put the gel on the spot generously again overnight. The next morning you should wake up with no trace of acne. This method works well with all types of acne.

The key points are 1) putting on the gel at the stage of pre-development of acne, and 2) using generous amount on the spot overnight. This is why Tarel Laboratory encourages you to have one in your purse!

During stressful time, use Tarel Natural Acne gel as serum to prevent acne (keeping sebaceous glands in balance).

Another way to prevent acne for those who need to wear makeup is by mixing some of Tarel Natural Acne gel with concealer or liquid foundation.

Can my eleven years old use Tarel Natural Acne gel?

Yes! Tarel Natural Acne gel will not harm kid’s skin because the gel contains no hash chemicals (no benzoyl peroxide, no salicylic acid, no glycolic acid, no retinoic acid, no retinol, no salicylic ester). Tarel Natural Acne gel also contains no steroid, no paraben, no fragrance.

The gel contains no clindamycin, so there is no worry of developing antibiotic resistive acne from using Tarel Natural Acne gel.

Tarel Natural Acne gel uses only edible plant extracts to cure acne. The efficacy comes from Targeted Release Technology developed at Chulalongkorn University.

The product has been tested by dermatologist. In fact, Tarel Natural Acne gel is one of the safest acne treatment product for kids (works well for adults as well). The researcher who developed Tarel Natural Acne gel used the prototype gel on her own daughter. The amazing result with no trace of irritation are the driving force for scale-up development into products available for others.

Is it safe to use TAREL Natural Acne gel every day?

Yes, it is very safe to use TAREL Natural Acne gel daily and you can use the gel as many times as you want each day.

This is because TAREL Natural Acne gel contains neither steroid nor vitamin A derivatives. The gel also contains neither dangerous antibiotics (those require doctor prescription such as clindamycin) nor peeling agents.

Anti-acne action from TAREL Naural Acne gel is exerted from the extracts of four edible plants, mangosteen, Oolong tea, Thyme, and Oregano. Tarel Natural Acne gel can be used as serum for acne prevention.

Will TAREL Natural Acne gel cause any side effects?

TAREL Natural Acne gel will neither cause skin peeling nor skin dryness. 

TAREL Natural Acne gel contains no benzoyl peroxide, no alpha hydroxyl acid (peeling agent such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid), no vitamin A derivative, no restricted synthetic antibiotic, and no silicone. arel Natural Acne gel will help improving skin natural immunity and bring sebaceous gland function into balance.

Can I use TAREL natural Acne gel with other cosmetic products?

Yes, you can use TAREL Natural Acne gel with other makeups or other skin moisturizers. You can mix Tarel Natural Acne Gel with moisturizer to get the acne prevention moisturizer. You can mix Tarel Natural Acne gel with concealer or liquid foundation. Try to avoid products containing peeling agents such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

Will my acne become resistant to TAREL Natural Acne gel?

No, TAREL Natural Acne gel will not cause any resistive acne bacteria, so you will always experience the effectiveness of the gel on acne. 

The resistive acne is usually caused by the development of acne bacteria against each single antibiotic drug. Bacteria usually can develop resistant against each single drug molecule.

The vast diversity of bioactive molecules from four different edible plant extracts at high concentrations in Tarel Natural Acne gel makes the bacteria unable to develop resistant. This is because different compounds act on bacteria differently. Therefore, it is too difficult for the bacteria to adapt too many things at the same time.

Can I use TAREL natural Acne gel with other acne treatment products?

NO, do not use TAREL Natural Acne gel with other acne treatment products. An acne treatment product is usually in one of the following categories:

Those that use strong oxidizing agents such as benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria via free radical generation from the benzoyl peroxide. The strong side effect of this oxidizing agent is burning, dryness and irritation.

Those that use alpha hydroxy acid such as salicylic acid or salicylic esters and glycolic acid to induce skin peeling. These chemicals can cause skin peeling and irritation.

  Those that use vitamin A derivatives to interfere with sebaceous gland function. These chemicals can cause irritation and peeling.

Those that use the pain killer Ibuprofen (NSAID group of anti-inflammatory drug). Be aware that ibuprofen has not been approved by FDA in several countries including Thailand for acne treatment. If use regularly, be aware that ibuprofen can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

Those that use the antibiotic clindamycin to kill bacteria. This antibiotic should be under doctor prescription. It has been reported that more than 90% of clindamycin users developed resistant to this drug.

Those that use one of the above chemicals and add some natural plant extracts.

Those that use Tea tree oil extract. This terpene oil possesses strong anti-bacterial activity. Side effect includes skin burning.

Tarel Natural Acne gel is not one of the above. Tarel Laboratory does not recommend using Tarel Natural Acne Gel with any other acne treatment products.

It is recommended to withdraw the use of other acne treatment products for at least 1-2 weeks prior to the use of Tarel Natural Acne gel for maximum efficiency right from the start. This is because Tarel Natural Acne gel works by quenching inflammation, fight bacteria and also bringing sebaceous gland back into balance as fast as possible. The mechanism of bringing sebaceous gland and skin back to balance can be hindered by the strong chemicals stated above.

What skin types will benefit from Tarel Acne Sensitive Cleanser?

Extreme sensitive skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, kid’s skin, laser-treated skin, sun-exposed skin.

In addition, we recommend people with oily skin to also use Tarel Cleanser. The skin can get oily because of the dehydration.

Tarel Cleanser will clean the skin effectively without ripping off the natural skin barrier, thus skin can maintain moisture more effectively. With higher moisture content in the skin, sebaceous gland will start to be less aggressive in producing oil. In fact, after the first use of Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser, you should feel the clean but moist skin, and after using Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser for 1 week, you should experience well balanced skin.

I have dry skin, what should I do?

Dry skin is the product of unhealthy skin barrier. Your skin barrier is not strong enough to lock moisture.

Use Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser every evening.

Use just water to wash your face in the morning.

Use Tarel Natural Acne gel as serum on area prone to acne.

Put on simple moisturizer (no peeling agent! No vitamin A! No direct sunlight) after face wash. Use simple sunscreen.

I have oily skin, what should I do?

Oily skin can be a result of imbalanced skin! The lack of moisture can activate sebaceous gland to produce too much sebum.

Use Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser every morning and evenin.

Do not use warm water to wash your face!

Use Tarel Natural Acne gel as serum before sunscreen to help calm down sebaceous gland.

I have combination skin, what should I do?

Combination skin is normal for many people. Skin at the nose and forehead area usually produce more sebum than cheek skin.

Use Tarel Natural Acne gel as serum on the oily area to calm the sebaceous gland. Use Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser as a routine cleanser.

I have very sensitive skin, what should I do?

Sensitive skin is a product of damaged skin barrier.

Stop using too many cosmetics especially those with peeling agents and stop going for too many face treatments.

Buildup your skin barrier with healthy diets.

Use Tarel Acne Sensitive Cleanser in the evening and use only water to wash your face in the morning.

Do not use warm water to wash your face, use normal temperature water (around 25 degree celcius).

Be very careful when choosing skin care. Be aware of all peeling agents such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Try to read ingredient list. Do not buy cosmetics with too small ingredient list.

Switch sunscreen from inorganic titanium dioxide type to organic filtering agent type.

Use moisturizer immediately after face wash to help sealing moisture into skin.

How does TAREL Natural Acne gel cure my acne?

TAREL Natural Acne gel contains four natural plant extracts. Each extract contains diverse natural bioactive molecules. These bioactive molecules cure acne via various mechanisms including reducing inflammation, eradicating acne bacteria, promoting body own immunity, balancing the action of sebaceous glands and stopping hyperpigmentation.

TAREL Natural Acne gel uses Targeted Release Technology to 1) protect the plant extracts from reacting with other species such as oxygen and thus preventing them from degradation,
2) send the plant extracts to sebaceous glands so that the bioactive extracts can cure acne at the cause.

The carrier helps protecting bioactive molecules from degradation when the products are sitting on a shelf.

During use, the carrier sends bioactive molecules to the sebaceous glands to perform the acne curing function under the skin. This targeted release technology was developed at Chulalongkorn University under collaborations with various institutes.

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What is the Targeted Release Technology and how can it help in curing acne?

There are two problems associated with the use of natural plant extracts. Both of them are the natural facts. 

1. Natural plant extracts commonly used in foods and cosmetics are mostly secondary metabolites.

Secondary metabolites are compounds produced by plants but are not critically vital to the plants, i.e., lack of these compounds will not cause immediate death to them. Usually, plants produce secondary metabolites in response to their environmental stress, e.g., to repel some animals or pathogens, to protect their photosynthetic parts from UV radiation, to attract some bucks and etc. These secondary metabolites, thus, are not made to stay forever, plants will synthesize again when in need. As a result, most of the secondary metabolites are not chemically inert, meaning that they can easily be converted into other compounds. Many of them are quite reactive, as some have the function of reacting with plants’ enemies. After we extract these compounds from plants, many of them will naturally degrade.

    2. When we administer drugs or any health products to our body, efforts must be made to send them to the targeted sites. 

TAREL's Targeted Release Technology solves these two problems.

The carriers protect the plant extracts from reacting with other species such as oxygen and thus preventing the extracts from degradation.

The carriers also send the bioactive molecules to sebaceous glands to cure acne at the right location under the skin.

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What is so special about the natural plant extracts used in TAREL products?

Plant extracts usually contain various compounds, and not all of them are bioactive and beneficial. It is impossible to know the contents of bioactive molecules in each plant extract by just looking.

TAREL not only possesses more than 15 years of experiences in natural extract industries and can always get to the best authentic sources of the extracts, but also have a team of well experienced chemists to perform analysis on every batch of extracts. As a result, all the extracts used by TAREL always contain an extremely high content of bioactive molecules. These quality control processes and understanding translate into good efficacy in Tarel's products.

Why is TAREL Natural Acne gel more expensive comparing to other acne treatment products in the market?

TAREL uses the best extracts. We also routinely analyze the content of each extract, in order to maintain our high standard of best raw materials.

We use these expensive extracts at the optimal amounts. These high quality raw materials at high concentrations raise the cost of TAREL’s products.

To give you a clear picture, the cost of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid is about 1/1000 of the cost of the plant extracts in Tarel natural Acne gel.

The use of Targeted Release Technology from Chulalongkorn University in TAREL’s products also contributes to our higher cost. We never lower the cost by using the inexpensive peeling agents or oxidizing chemicals.

Why Mangosteen, Oolong tea, Oregano and Thyme extracts?

The combination of mangosteen, Oolong tea, Oregano and Thyme extracts at the perfect ratio was obtained after years of screening for the best combination at the best ratio of natural plant extracts to cure acne with no irritation.

Mangosteen extract provides great anti-inflammatory action and anti-P. Acne acntion, and also helps improving local skin immunity.

Oolong tea extract works synergistically with Mangoteen extract when being used at the right ratio. Active molecules in Oolong tea with the right fermentation time are very unique, they can effectively calm irritating skin and sebaceous glands. The extract can bring the sebum production level down to the balancing level.

Thyme and oregano extracts help releiving inflammation, fighting P. Acnes, and preventing skin hyper-pigmentation.

What is the natural skin barrier?

Skin barrier is the top layer of the skin, it is made from multiple layers of flattened dead coenocyte cells held together by ceramides, cholesterol, and some other lipids.

The skin barrier not only protects the skin from harmful substances-including bacteria and chemicals-from entering the body, but also prevents water and other beneficial substances from leaving the skin.

A healthy skin barrier will prevent the skin from getting redness, irritation, and dry patches.

How is Tarel Acne Sensitive Cleanser different from other cleansers

1) Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser does not contain any small-highly charged surfactants such as sulfate surfactants and sodium or potassium salt of fatty acids. Those small-highly charged surfactants usually have high cleansing ability, so high that they can penetrate skin barriers and remove lipids in the skin barriers.

Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser uses amino acid derivative surfactants which are very biocompatible and has good cleansing ability without penetrating skin barrier.

Tarel Laboratory has developed the extreme slippery formulation that can slip away dirt. You can feel this novel slippery cleanser right away in the first use.

2) Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser is pH balanced. The pH of our gel matches that of the natural skin.

3) Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser cleans skin without changing the natural slight negative charge on the skin. Good charge balance on skin helps strength the skin barrier. The net slight negative charge of our gel matches that of the natural skin.

4) Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser contains three plant extracts, thyme, oregano, and Oolong tea (caffeine free) extracts at optimal concentrations to protect skin against harmful bacteria, but still maintain natural microbiome of the skin. You can feel the natural aroma of these extracts in our perfume-free cleansing gel.

Tarel Acne Sensitive cleanser cleans effectively without penetrating skin barrier and help balancing pH, charge and natural microbiome. Tarel cleans without destroying the natural state of healthy skin!

What can damage skin barrier?

Peeling agents and exfoliating agents such as salicylic acid and its esters, glycolic acid and various alpha hydroxyl acids

Free radical generator such as benzoyl peroxide

Strong surfactants such as sulfate types and soap

Strong solvent such as ethanol

Vigorously rubbing surfactants on skin

Signs of damaged skin barrier

Redness, inflammation, dehydration, itchiness, flakiness, acne, having a stinging or burning sensation during cosmetic application (your skin reacts to cosmetic products easily)

How to take care of pre-teens/teens who start to have some acne?

Adolescent acne is natural and can be controlled easily with the right behavior and products.

However, the sad story s that many kids start with very strong products such as cleanser with sulfated surfactant that stripes away the skin barrier, acne treatment product that causes skin peeling, all of which upset skin barrier and throw out balance of the skin biochemistry.

Kids should use cleanser that clean without damaging the skin barrier. This is the most important skin routine for every kids. Many times acne problem is solved with just the right cleanser.

If your pre-teens still have acne, make sure you use treatment product that does not peel or burn skin. In many countries including south Korea, laws do not allow products with peeling agent such as salicylic acid to be used on kids under 13 years old.

If you want to bring your pre-teens/teens to consult with a dermatologist, make sure you ask your doctor not to prescribe products with peeling agents and oxidizing agents (Thai clinic usually have acne treatment products with extra-strength salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide).

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