Types of Acne by Symptoms


Symptoms: Small white to pale yellow bumps (usually at the size of around 0.5 – 4 mm) | firm | cannot be squeezed out | no pain

Characteristics and Causes: Clogged pore | Shredded skin cells and oil cannot be drained out | No infection only congestion 


Symptoms: Small black mass situated right at the pores of the skin | no pain

Characteristics and Causes: Open pore | accumulation of oil secretion and dead skin cells as black mass situated at the pores | can be pulled out using appropriate sticky patch | can be squeezed out using pressure squeezing 


Symptoms: Small red bumps (can be from 0.1 – 1 cm) with some tender or sore feeling underneath

Characteristics and Causes: Clogged pore | accumulation of undrained oils and dead cells | some inflammation | some infection


Symptoms: White to yellowish liquid underneath a thin membrane, surrounding with reddened inflamed tissue | some pain 

Characteristics and Causes: Untreated papules that progress to higher severity | more white blood cells accumulated to fight bacteria | White blood cells appear as pale yellowish pus | Inflamed tissue around the pus area


Symptoms: Large hard lumps beneath skin surface | painful

Characteristics and Causes: Large pus-filled lumps | sealed skin surface with inflamed oil glands, pores and tissue underneath up to the point that causes structural damages | likely to cause permanent scar

Sciences of Acne