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Tarel Mangostin Plus Breakout Vector Patch

Tarel Mangostin Plus Breakout Vector Patch

The early-stage pimple patch

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⏰ Patented removable in 2 minutes formula!

✨ High active loading sharp microvectors

☁️ Sensitive skin friendly

🌱 Ingredients

Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Thymus Vulgaris Extract, Eugenol, Centella Asiatica Extract, Sorbitol, Succinic Acid, Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Extract, Zinc PCA, Phenoxyethanol, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract, Chlorhexidine

Detaching Solution

Water, Niacinamide, Phenoxyethanol

🔬 Why our microvector patch over lookalike products?

Our Tarel Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch presents a unique 2-min solution: the Detachatable Dissolvable Microneedles (DMNs). Bioactives are embedded in micron-sized needles which are made of water-dissolvable biocompatible materials. Once pressed against the skin area, DMNs are painlessly deposited into skin tissue where the needles dissolve and release anti-breakout bioactives.

🧼 How To Use

1. Take out Patch 1 and Patch 2 

2. Remove sticker backing and press Patch 1 on the spot. Press firmly 

3. Press Patch 2 on top of Patch 1. Massage for 2 minutes 

4. Remove both patches and you're done!

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Patch & Remove in 2 Minutes!

Fast skin reseal compared to lookalike products

Fight pimple effectively at the spot

Our microvectors are detachable from their base, sending ingredients into the right spot. We tackle your pimple at the right location

We can truly deliver actives into your skin

From the delivery efficiency test on pig skins by loading green dye into our detachable microneedles, you can see that the green dye can penetrate deep into the skin after being detached for 60 minutes.

*The dead pig skins were purchased for experimenting purposes, no living animal is involved in the process

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Our Mangostin+ formula contains no harsh chemicals, no peeling agents, no dry acidic ingredients. Perfect for daily pimple emergencies on sensitive skin! 

All patches are individually packed

Ensures better hygiene and product quality


  • Duration: 14 Days 

    Product: Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch

  • Duration: 10 Days

    Product: Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch

  • Duration: 7 Days 

    Product: Mangostin+ Breakout Vector Patch

  • Duration: 8 Weeks 

    Product: Mangostin+ Breakout Gel/Patch

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